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What is a Domain name

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By choosing a domain name should be taken very seriously, and make it proper-after all, as the saying goes, as the boat nazovesh- so it will float. In our case it refers to a resource that you create.

Domain is the name of your website or blog. Domain name – the name used to identify the Internet. And if the hosting is the home, the address to which it can find- is the address of your blog. Those addresses you enter into your browser, and through which you get to the various Internet resources are domain names. Does the domain name specifies the server that hosts the site, and then downloads the requested page from the server.

Domain names are different, too, and consist of several layers that are separated by dots:

First-level domains: org, com, ru and other
Second-level domains: domain.ru – example: pro-infobusiness.ru, yandex.ru etc.
Third-level domains or subdomains: name.domain.ru- example: blog. mysait.ru

To explain more clearly bring a picture with an example which shows that the levels of domain names are considered to be contrary to the right:

Abbreviated name of domain zones, too, are different, for example:

.com – commercial area, where most sites are located
.net – technical
.info – Information Resources
.org – Domains organizations
.biz – business area

Shorter than the address of the blog and what it more readable, the more likely that a visitor visiting the blog, remember its name and will return to it even a single time. Your domain name directly affects attendance and promotion of you as a brand.

Domains are registered and purchased from the registrar of domain names in RuNet are many of them and different domain names are quite different for the price.
Should not be taken more than bukvalno- domain, so it is “cooler”. Still depends on what direction or theme will be your life, what country you are in and what kind of audience you are going to attract. If your blog is focused on the Russian-speaking audience, then you certainly should not choose a domain com. or domain ru. In the event that you will promote your life, for example in Ukraine, you should choose a domain ua., Knowing exactly what your company works in Kiev, you can choose kiev.ua, Kazakhstan kz. and t. d.

Second-level domain, as you already zapomnili- is the name of your site on which your blog or website will recognize and remember. It is the second level domain should best meet your topics, be informative and, if possible, simple.
With seemingly simple, find a nice, succinct and easy domain name is quite difficult. In most cases, many domains are already taken, and to pick up a domain, you will have to come up with a few options that are suitable for you and test them with the Registrar, you can pick up and record what you need.

In conclusion I want to add something a domain name allows you to move the site to another server without loss of visitors and site indexing by search engines. Domain-name is the image of your site. Therefore, the domain plays an important role in the promotion of a site.

Now you know in more detail what the domain for what it is and how to pick up. I hope you liked the article and will benefit.

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