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Internet of the future: .WTF, .LOL … and another 1,400 new domain zones

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So here we go, liked that, no, that bring a smile to share their concerns:

And perhaps start with the new national domains: .TATAR (for carriers of the Tatar language and culture living in the Republic of Tatarstan and beyond), who has filed an application for a regional center of the Republic of Tatarstan domain. Well the place to be, give Tatarstan national domain! Another national domain in Cyrillic Russian company wants to get Webnames, always keep the successful .RF in Russia applied for domain .RUS. The news media have trumpeted in all that is about to begin the registration of new domain .RUS his delegation in case of a successful bid will be 56 turns.

Many applications on their own domains came from large cities, among them .NYC, .PARIS, .LONDON, .AMSTERDAM, .ROMA, .MOSCOW and others. For the Russian capital are also planning to introduce and Cyrillic domain .MOSKVA (the theme of the Russian Internet in Russia, I realized particularly popular). Personally, I am for! The population of the city is so great that it could pass for a small state, such sites will be useful for tourists like web resources will be unambiguously associated users with the city.

Well, if the regional domains, and their purpose is clear, then more – more. Go to the category of “business”, all English words which represent a particular business activity, you can see the list of applications: it .AUCTION, .BROKER, .BUILD, .CREDIT, .MARKETING, .TRADING and hundreds more domains. Of the entire list I liked the idea of the domain zone .INC (Inc – Internation Corporation (from English. – International Corporation). Probably do not think I beat it, 10 companies have applied for this domain. As for the others, I do not know where as, but we (I mean the Russian Internet) they are unlikely to be popular.

From case to rest, the next category of “entertainment.” Leader in the number of applications is the domain .ART (10 companies). Application of the concept: “the project will not only connect two” peace “- art and the Internet, but will enrich them with modern standards and practice from different spheres of activity.” I think the idea will give the green light and the domain zone will be in demand. From this category I liked domains .BOOK, .GAME, .MOVIE, .MUSIC, forced smile the idea of creating your own domain zone for pubs -.PUB.

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